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Learning to Play Piano

Starting to learn any musical instrument can seem like a mammoth task, but the beginning can also be very exciting. We’ll start off with an introduction and have a chat about targets you may have set or whether you have any existing musical ability.

Looking into how much time you can dedicate to learning the piano will help us to work out the best routine for us both, and set realistic times for any aims.

If you can already play piano to a set standard, or have had piano lessons in the past and achieved a set grade we can pick up at your current level of skill.

1: What will I need?

One of the main problems people have with wanting to learn to play the piano, is acquiring one a piano to play on. Firstly, it’s best to know what you can fit at home and as most people don’t have room for a grand piano, there are a few more instrument options available. See the table for strengths and weaknesses of each option.

Scroll the table across to view.
Practicality Price Upkeep Options Authenticity
Grand Piano Poor Poor Poor Poor Great
Upright Piano Average Average Poor Poor Great
Digital Piano Good Average Good Great Average
Electronic Keyboard Great Good Good Great Average
2: How Can I Get A Piano Instrument?

If you’re struggling to see the best option for you to take up piano lessons, don’t worry. Get in touch and we can have a more in-depth look into your options.

Piano Lesson Paths
Learning Approach
Clean, polished piano key Grade Progression

Piano grades are a great way of showing your progression and giving yourself set targets to achieve. As well as earning proffessionally recognised qualifications traversing mid to high level grades awards UCAS points, helping students attain higher UCAS scores for university courses. Exam options can be discussed when you feel you are ready.

Follow this link to read more about learning to play the piano through graded exams.

Piano painted with various colours Leisure Lessons

When playing piano for leisure you will still need to pick up the basics, once you are at a comfortable level reading music you can start learning the pieces you have always wanted to play. People play piano to relax, for a sense of achivement or just for the enoyment it can bring. For those seeking confirmation on their progression, there are Leisure Play Exams that are marked on performance only (these are optional).

Follow this link to read more about learning to play the piano through leisurely lessons.

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