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Leisure Lessons
Learn without grades

Learning to play the piano does not mean you have to sit grades. Piano is a way to relax and learn to explore your creative side by interpreting music.

Your musical progression can still be shown if you choose to learn through playing for leisure, via Leisure Play Exams. In which, piano teachers will guide students to ensure they are choosing pieces that are equivelent to their current skill level.

You'll work on the basics before moving onto songs of your choice, which will give you the foundations you'll need to build on top of.

Piano music books can be very helpful when choosing a song as they will give you an idea of what skill level you will need to play the pieces.

vector image of a grand piano and stood
Music Theory

Whether you are learning the piano for leisure or grades it is always advisable that you learn some music theory. This will help you understand your music better so that you can interpret and perform your pieces correctly.

Even though the music theory exams do range from grades 1 through 8, learning up to grade 5 will allow you to go beyond grade 5 practical.

If you do wish to advance onto higher grades of musical theory then we can discuss this as your talent develops.

piano keyboard showing musical alphabet
Musical Alphabet
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