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There are many ways to start your journey as a beginner piano player; from tuition books that give step-by-step ‘how to play the piano’ guides, lessons taught in groups and even digital learning via different media online. Each can have its own advantage to learning to play the piano, but none of these can match the learning advantages of one-to-one lessons.

Every student learns differently and during group piano lessons it can be hard for the piano teacher to explain musical concepts and movements in a way that every student present will understand. Digital learning can be convenient, but won't always be attuned to your way of learning, and lacks the ability to spot areas to improve on.

Learning to play the piano as a beginner, intermediate or advanced player is best taught one-to-one. With this approach to teaching, the piano teacher is able to keep records on a students personal progress, whilst building a student study plan around their strengths, weaknesses and goals. One-to-one tuition also allows the piano teacher to teach at students homes, which helps to build an infrastructure and creates a healthy learning environment. This way of learning to play piano can be great for younger students, whom may otherwise become uncomfortable or agitated being out of their usual environment.

Piano lessons that focus on a single student will help them stay focused and engage more during the lesson. Students are more likely to ask questions on areas they’re not sure of than if they were sat in a group. One-to-one tutoring presents no distractions which means clients are getting more for their money.

"I teach piano students of all ages from four years old up to and over seventy, both genders and people of all ethnicity. While I like to remain professional during lessons, my students very often become good friends."

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