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Piano Beginner
Prepatory, Steps, Grades: 1-2

A lot of musical exam boards have now introduced pre- grade exams. These are great for children who have either never taken exams or enjoy playing and want to work towards a goal. All lower grades consist of small exercises or technical work and a number of pieces to perform.

We will work more on note recognition, sight reading and counting rhythms as the grades progress. This is always a good time to start thinking about pieces you want to play that you can practice in your own time. These songs could derive from films, musicals or anything else that may peak your interest.

Piano Intermediate
Grades: 3-4

By this stage you are finishing the last grade of level one music and moving into the first grade of level two. Your note recognition will need to be more confident and your site-reading exercises practiced regularly.

It is recommended that if you wish to progress to this level you should be working through similar grades in your musical theory. As the pieces you learn become more complex, lessons learned through musical theory will help you understand and achieve the musical talent required.

Piano Advanced
Grades: 5-6

Achieving a grade 5 in your practical performance and music theory is the equivalent of a GCSE qualification. By the time you take up these grades a lot more is expected of your piano performance and theoretical knowledge.

At this stage performances will include more dynamics differentiation and intricate musical detail. Personal songs are encouraged to help break up the intensity of these technical levels, whilst still practicing exam pieces.

Higher Learning
Grades: 7-8

If you do wish to continue into higher grades it is an amazing achievement. However, do be advised that when taking on these grades you will need to be committed to more consistent practice for longer durations. Pieces performed at this level are much more in-depth and require techinical stamina.

Performance of these higher level grades will be expected to be carried out with utmost confidence and musical detail.

Music Theory

Whether you are learning the piano for leisure or grades it is always advisable that you learn some music theory. This will help you understand your music better so that you can interpret and perform your pieces correctly.

Even though the music theory exams do range from grades 1 through 8, learning up to grade 5 will allow you to go beyond grade 5 practical.

If you do wish to advance onto higher grades of musical theory then we can discuss this as your talent develops.

piano keyboard showing musical alphabet
Musical Alphabet
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